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There are many suppliers in and around Warrington- Cheshire - But NONE that can match the Quality for the Price!

We are Manufactures and suppliers - No Sales Staff - Simply a Great range of Wooden Garden Buildings in Warrington Cheshire.

You can come directly to our Factories and see the Buildings being made by local Tradesmen .

Our website is Simple - the Price you see Includes Delivery* / Erection / Treatment - Simple as That - The price you see is what you Pay!

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The Apex T+G Range of Garden Sheds are by far the most popular shed - The 8 x 6 Apex T+G Shedis the best seller for the average small garden.

The Pent Roof T+G Range of Garden Sheds are available in 5 basic designs with the door being able to be sited on either end or on the long height section either left front / right front or centre front.

Timber Play Dens are good for kids allowing them to use up all that energy and keep them occupied for hours. Wooden playhouses look beautiful in your garden, especially when designed for children.

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Securing your Garden Shed or Workshop from Warrington Sheds

With the rise in popularity of home-based businesses and arts and crafts, Garden Workshops supplied by Warrington Sheds are becoming the must-have accessory to make working from home easier. However, the trend towards the use of garden workshops as places of work or serious crafts studios makes them more attractive to thieves who recognise the value in many tools and equipment.

While many people choose to use ordinary Garden Sheds with a minimum of modification, for those who require a little extra security, more sturdy options are available. Warrington Sheds can provide with whatever kind of outdoor building you choose to use as a Workshop, some sort of security is mandatory if you wish to preserve your financial investment in the tools of your trade.

Budget Price Range Options from Warrington Sheds

Wooden workshops are the cheapest of all, with many being little more than glorified sheds. The thing that sets them apart from sheds is the quality of the Timber used, the fixtures and fittings, door locks, window locks and in some cases, heavy duty framing of the construction and properly framed doors. Lockable doors add to the security of wood workshops, whereas many sheds rely on easily-opened padlocks for security.

These Strong Wooden Workshops are available in a multitude of styles, with either single or double doors, front or side openings and with shiplap cladding and opening windows. Many superior sheds have treated timber for extra strength and security, along with longevity.

Mid-range option from Warrington Sheds

Concrete naturally offers more security than wood and concrete workshops come in a variety of styles and finishes. Apex roofs or flat roofs are both attractive and as with wooden workshops, the concrete versions have windows and doors in a range of configurations to suit individual needs.

For those to whom aesthetics are important, pebble dash finishes on the outside of the workshop give a more natural appearance than plain concrete. For garden workshops, blending the outbuildings in with the main house may be important, in which case a brick finish may be the answer. Brick finishes are available in several different styles to suit most surroundings.

Modern manufacturing processes also make concrete workshops maintenance-free, which many consider to be a bonus. Metal doors and frames present a stronger, more secure option than their wooden counterparts, making breaching the security of the workshop more difficult. With many urban crimes being of an opportunistic nature, doing all you can to provide a deterrent helps to improve security.

Top of the Range Workshops from Warrington Sheds

Sometimes known as Garden Rooms, bespoke professional workshops offer the most secure option in the line up. Many are built along the lines of traditional buildings and though they don`t have foundations dug into the ground, they do have sturdy bases, heavy insulated timber walls, double-glazed windows and doors that reflect the security of household glazing and multipoint lockable doors.

Designed for use all year round, this is the most expensive option, although it`s also the most reliable way to secure an outdoor workshop area.

For those who are willing to go to this extreme to get a secure workshop, the same attention to detail in the immediate surroundings are often of equal importance. Flower beds, decking, or even artificial grass such as that can enhance the area surrounding the workshop, giving it a look that`s even more attractive and natural.What ever advice you are looking for call Warrington Sheds and Summerhouses for free advice

Warrington Sheds - Tips

Warrington Sheds deliver and fit to All areas in and around Warrington Cheshire :

Choosing The Best Garden Sheds Warrington Has To Offer

If you are in need of more outdoor storage space, adding a garden shed can be the perfect solution. These sheds can be very versatile, and you can use them for all sorts of purposes. However, before you purchase a garden shed, there are some things to keep in mind.

For example, when shopping for the best garden sheds Warrington has available, you need to be clear on the purpose of your shed. Are you just planning on using it for storage? Will it also serve as a workshop? Do you plan to use it all year, or just during the summer?

Being able to answer these questions will make it easier to find the right shed for your garden. A shed that will primarily serve as a storage space, for example, may not need to be heated. However, if you are planning on using it as a workshop, you may want it to be more comfortable.

The size of the shed is also an important consideration. In large part, the size will be constrained by the space that you have available. If your garden is not terribly large, you are not going to be able to squeeze a large shed into it, nor should you try to do so. Having more land available gives you more flexibility in terms of size.

As a general rule, it is better to build a shed that is a bit too large than one that is a bit too small. You can always find uses for the extra space, but not having enough room can be very frustrating. If you end up with a shed that is too small for your purposes, you may end up having to tear it down and build a larger one at great expense. It is better to give yourself some wiggle room at first.

The material you choose for your shed is also important. The best garden sheds Warrington has for sale come in a variety of materials, but the most popular are wood and metal. You may also be able to find sheds that are made from brick or concrete. Each material offers pluses and minuses, so you want to consider these factors carefully before making your decision.

Wooden sheds are generally more attractive than those made from other materials. They blend into the natural landscape more easily and can easily be stained or painted. If you decide to use wood as a building material, make sure that it is properly treated so that it will not rot or decay.

A wooden shed that is well-constructed can last for many years. Wood also serves as an insulating material so that the interior of your shed will remain warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Using wood also offers a bit more flexibility in the building process. It is easier to adjust the size of the shed during its construction.

Metal sheds require a bit less maintenance than wooden sheds, but are vulnerable to corrosion and rust. They can also become colder in the winter and hotter in the summer, so they may require more insulation than wooden sheds. However, they can also be cheaper to construct than a wooden shed.

Finally, plastic sheds are quite weather-resistant, but they often do not last as long as wooden or metal sheds. Over time, the plastic may warp or weaken. Plastic sheds are also not as attractive as sheds made from other materials, and they are prone to condensation.

No matter what type of material you finally choose for your garden shed, it is important to give it a solid foundation. If you can, choose the flattest part of your garden as the site of your shed. If you do not have any flat spots of the proper size, you will have to take the time to level and smooth the ground before construction starts.

If rainwater ever collects or runs off where the shed will stand, put down a layer of gravel beneath the foundation. This will help to protect the shed from water damage and erosion. If you are using wood as the foundation material, make sure that it has been treated properly. Check to see that the timbers have been rated for ground contact. If not, they may rot within a few years.

Air circulation is another important factor to consider in building your shed. If your shed has poor circulation, moisture can collect, which will damage the structure. Leave room for air to circulate throughout the shed, and do not build it too close to fences, shrubs, or trees. These can prevent air from circulating properly through the shed.

When you are designing your shed, be sure to consider the placement of the doors. Too often, people do not pay enough attention to the doors, and they end up having to remove them or redesign the shed because they realize that the doorway is not large enough for their uses. For example, you might discover that you cannot store your lawnmower in your shed because it won't fit through the door.

Make sure that you place the shed door in such a way that you can easily access all parts of the shed. You do not want to discover that the door blocks your access to one side of the shed. Placing the door on a long side wall will make it easier to reach everything in your shed. You can also add more than one door to the shed.

If you are storing valuable items in your shed, do not neglect security. Reinforce the hinges on the door so that they cannot be removed easily. A strong lock or deadbolt will provide additional security. If your shed has windows, make sure that they cannot easily be opened from the outside.

The best garden sheds Warrington has to offer can make great additions to your property. Use these tips to design a shed that works well for your needs.

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